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A whole new way to help kids learn Hindi. If you are a parent living out of India with a child in school who is having difficulties with learning hindi – then we can help.

At FunHindi, we realize that the best way for anyone to learn a language is by using it regularly. To facilitate the learning of the language through usage we offer specifically designed classes that are :

  • list_bultnTaught in a fun environment by using a mix of conversation, multi-media and interactive sessions to stimulate the child’s interest.
  • list_bultnConducted over the Internet so that they are convenient to attend and the child does not waste time travelling.
  • list_bultnHeld One to One to offer personalized coaching based on your child’s needs.
  • list_bultnIn line with the syllabus taught in schools.
  • list_bultnOffered at great value as we use qualified teachers from India to teach.

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About Us

Funhindi.com is part of the Bimla Education Network – a start up focused in providing online education support for students learning the Hindi language.

As more Indians settle abroad, they are faced with a unique challenge of teaching their children Hindi. While most of these students learn Hindi in school as a formal language, they do not use it outside of the classroom as English is the primary spoken language.

As a result, students try to learn a language by rote learning without understanding the language. At the same time, most parents are either too busy to help their children or in some cases the parents do not have a good command of the language to teach their children. This results in students doing poorly in the subject and not picking up their mother tongue.

Most students end up taking tuitions for a subject that should come to them naturally. But tuitions can only provide limited help as it is just an additional class in addition to the normal classes that they attend.

At FunHindi.com we believe that a language can only be learnt by using it, i.e. the more conversations a student has in a language, the better his grasp of the language. FunHindi.com provides conversation and learning support by using the internet to help students learn Hindi.

Our Services

    Classes for all levels – Kindergarden, Primary, Secondary and College

    Lessons at Funhindi are designed term-wise, following the school curriculum – only in an unique and creative manner.

    Held twice weekly, each lesson lasts 45 minutes and has a central theme, for example transportation, or even Festivals – something the kids can relate to in daily life. There will be a few exercises relating to that theme. These exercises may be in the form of close passages, compositions, comprehensions and grammar questions. In addition, students will also partake in picture conversations with the teacher. As such, the teacher will, in due course, walk the child through the various aspects of Hindi exam paper, ranging from oral to the main grammar paper.

    Our objective is to engage the child with tools that might be more interesting to him than the traditional paper and pen. Students will learn on a highly interactive virtual whiteboard, and teachers will use a variety of interesting multimedia tools to teach. For example, there might be colourful pictures in one lesson, or an interesting Hindi video in another. Students will use the mouse to navigate the whiteboard.

    Each lesson is different and interesting. A child should not just study Hindi, he should immerse himself in the language and culture, and enjoy it. It is on this premise that the lessons are created. Children love computers, and they will be more than willing to learn this way.

    Conversational coaching for Primary 6 (PSLE) Orals

    The PSLE is an important milestone in Singapore’s primary education system, and one area in which students have great potential to score and push their Hindi grade up to an A* is Oral and Listening Comprehension.

    This is a specially-designed short-term course of 8 lessons, over a period of 10 weeks, focusing on the above. It follows the format of the PSLE exam closely. The child will be systematically guided through reading, picture conversation and listening comprehension. This includes training students to focus on pitch and punctuation stops while reading, which will help them score points.

    At the end of the course, students will sit for a mock oral and listening comprehension exam, which will be conducted by our course advisor.

    As mentioned before, this will be a fun, interactive and stimulating way to learn Hindi – a refreshing change needed for most PSLE students.


    1. Local Singapore curriculum following the syllabus according to examination requirement.

    2. IGCSE Hindi curriculum – Syllabus includes comprehension passages, compositions, letter, Report, Application writing, vocabulary, grammar and listening.

    3. CBSE curriculum – Syllabus includes prescribed textbooks, compositions, letter, report and grammar.

    4. IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) curriculum – Worksheets based on IB theme. Literary forms – composition, letter, speech, interview, blog, poster, email, report, application writing. Grammar, Oral (individual and interactive) and listening.

How It Works

The classes are in line with the syllabus that the child is learning in school. However instead of ‘teaching’ him the syllabus again or giving out a lot of worksheets we use the internet to coach him by creating fun classes using multimedia.

Students and teachers have sessions using collaboration tools on the internet. Teachers set up a virtual classroom with the student where they can interact with each other using online whiteboards, multimedia and messenger to communicate with each other.

The student works with the teacher on a one on one basis in an interactive and fun manner. The teacher goes through grammar and vocabulary exercises that are appropriate for the student’s level. However as opposed to traditional tuition classes, the emphasis here is on the student understanding the language and to use the language.

Students can sign up for regular coaching classes that are held two times a week during the school term or for short term classes.


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Frequently Asked Question

Taking lessons with FunHindi is taking them from the comfort of your home. No travel time or cost involved. In this day and age of gadgets, children enjoy using their desktop/laptop/iPad to take their lessons.
In order to take the class all you need is :
A valid Skype id.
A valid email id.
In order to sign up for the class please fill in the contact us form. And we will revert to you.
Payment can be done via
Cheque (or) Internet Banking
We have developed teaching aids based on the curriculum taught in local schools and international schools (CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE and IB). Our teachers will guide your child based on his school syllabus.
The student does not need any particular skills to take the classes online.
For click here. Direct to contact us form.
Charges vary between $100 to $150 for 8 classes based on level and syllabus of the child.

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